Hello, I'm Donna Mahoney, 

Throughout the past twenty years as a Trauma Counsellor and Creative Art Therapist in both the public sector and my private practice, I have worked with individuals of all ages and from all walks of life including working one on one with indigenous children both in clinic and in community. The majority of people I have worked with, have been through emotional, physical or sexual abuse. 

My scope of work includes  :

Australian Counselling Association Registered Supervisor for Counsellors and Therapists

Trauma & Sexual Assault Counsellor

Art Therapy & Clay Field Specialist

Presenter and Workshop Facilitator


I am passionate about and committed to being an advocate for the safety of our children to ensure we provide them with the necessary protection within society, community and often their own family. This passion comes from my own experiences and my drive to make the world a better place for our children.

I am also passionate about changing the way women see themselves and the way society sees women, and I am dedicated to helping women bring about deep personal change through the exploration and rediscovery of self.  My wish is to be able to reach women all over the globe who are looking for that piece of their personal puzzle that has been missing for many years. 

Through personal development we can bring about a world of empowered and extraordinary women and children, leading the way for themselves and future generations.

For all enquiries please contact me here.

"Regardless of what trauma we have been through or what hand we were dealt, we all deserve to be supported so we can spread our wings and truly shine." 

- Donna Mahoney